Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Voice HTD8808B - Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

Voice HTD8808B - Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

5-15CM Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer with Voice Function


1. 5-15cm Non-contact Testing Forehead Temperature, Safe and Clean
2. 3 color LCD Display, for fever Alarm
3. Wide measuring range, 0℃~100℃(32℉-212℉),can be also test the temperature of baby bath water, milk, food, cake etc.
4. 2 in1 functions, Body/ Object, two modes
5. 50 measuring memories


Measuring Range

Body mode:34-42.9°C / 93.2-109.2°F

Surface mode: 0-100°C / 32-212°F


0-33.9°C:±2.0°C / 32-93°F:±3.6°F

34-34.9°C:±0.3°C / 93.2-94.8°F:±0.5°F

35-42°C:±0.2°C / 95-107.6°F:±0.4°F

42.1-42.9°C:±0.3°C / 107.8-109.2°F:±0.5°F

43-100°C:±2.0°C / 109.4-212°F:±3.6°F



Measuring Time

< 2S

Measuring Distance

5-15 cm



Three-color Backlight

(Color Alarm)

34-37.3°C/93.2-99.1°F: Green(Normal Temperature)

37.4-38°C(Alarm point)/99.3-100.4°F: Yellow(Slight Fever)

38.1-42.9°C/100.6-109.2°F: Red(High Fever)

Note: Color Alarm is only for Body mode ,Surface mode is always with green backlight.


DC 3V(2*AAA battery)

Auto Shut-off

≤ 18 seconds

Operating Condition

15-35°C / 59-95°F,Relative Humility ≤ 85%

Storage Condition

-20-55°C/-4-131°F,Relative Humility ≤ 85%