HeTaiDa-- The most professional infrared thermometer brand!

In recent years,"the Three Musketeers" of the infrared temperature measurement industry,the German Brand- Braun, American Brand -Fluke and Chinese brand- HeTaiDa, shares one-third of the global market each, accurate control of the pulse of the market, leading the infrared temperature measurement market.

Infrared temperature measurement technology is applied in the military field at the first, the principle of infrared thermal radiation to detect enemy fire distribution, with the advance of technology, the infrared detection technology is also applied in medical, civil and industrial markets, specifically reflected in the home medical infrared thermometer and industrial infrared thermometer.

Shenzhen Hetaida Technology Co. Ltd is a collection research and development, production, sales, service in one of the all-round comprehensive modernization of science and technology enterprises, it is currently the world's only company which focusing on the infrared temperature measurement products for more than 10 years.

Shenzhen Hetaida Technology Co. Ltd's wholly-owned factory - Dongguan  Zhenhai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd,has 8 engineers with decades of infrared thermometer development experience, throughout the year anti-static dust-free thermostat production workshop,laboratory level blackbody sink equipment and testing room, and a series of infrared temperature measurement technology patents and appearance of the patent, with its strong technical strength and more than 10 years of technical accumulated, and the infrared temperature meter market depth study and understanding, to ensure that the launch of its products could detonate the market!

Shenzhen Hetaida Technology Co. Ltd's products focusing on infrared thermometer product lines including non contact infrared forehead thermometer, infrared ear thermometer and infrared industrial thermometer, core technology based on the research and development of the company, leading the China infrared industry, since 2004, the company has accumulated solid strength and rich core technology and the level of research and development,could provide universal special products and high-end customized products for the global,could satisfy the general demand of the market,could also provide a full range of solutions for personalized humanized and the special requirements of industry!

HeTaiDa grasps core technology of infrared temperature measurement, due to its products measuring accuracy and stability, access to the Fortune 500 companies and world famous brand company approval and cooperation, including Pfizer Pharmaceutical,Wyeth Infant(United States well-known infant milk powder and supplies company), Microlife(Swiss professional infrared thermometer brand) and the Amerrico (Native American professional infrared temperature meter brand) Nepstar (Guangdong well-known local drugstore chain), and so on!

HeTaiDa-- the infrared temperature measurement technology leader,from impossible to the incredible, created a miracle in the industry!